Word from the founder

Believe in your dreams, dare to dream and you will see them come true.

Great passionate about artistic creation since my childhood, I was immersed in a multi-cultural and creative universe favoring my fertile imagination. This set of factors that I will qualify as assets, developed my passion for design, embroidery, the art of beauty and elegance.Creative passion always at heart, the course of life led me to:
  • Working for international organizations for 25 years in logistics and events,
  • Create La Signare in Dakar in 2018,
  • Open La Signare internationally by creating the online store, www.Lasignare.shop in France in 2020.
Here is La Signare, tenacious advancing slowly but surely with new challenges.

"The signares (from the Portuguese senhoras) are young black or mixed-race women, from the Petite-Côte in Senegal, in the counters of Rufisque (Rufisco) in the 17th century, then of Gorée and finally in Saint-Louis until the middle of the XIXth century."
Loving to surprise, because you never expect that she can reserve for her guests, she takes care of her interior and makes it pleasant to visitors.

Our enterprise

lasignare.shop main mission is to promote and market interior decoration through handmade work and African craftsmanship.

Our team

A big nod to the team of African craftsmen who work with the boutique and to the Arroutaine association "Aux Fées de Fée".

La Fondatrice
         Fatoumata DIENG